Black Friday – What is it?

Black Friday (sometimes known as Green Friday) is nearly upon us.But what is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the name given to the Friday that immediately follows thanksgiving day in the United States. This day is also traditionally the official start to the Christmas shopping sprees. Although primarily a Stateside terminology guided by the holiday seasons over the pond many other nations have adopted the term and has become more common around the globe.

According to stats in 2007 135 million people were part of the Black Friday Rush.

The Friday itself is not an official time off work time but many Americans tend to take this day as part of the Thanksgiving break culminating in many many more people available to shop. What does this mean exactly..

Well in some case little to us here in the UK but across the pond vast amounts of careful planning and price cut deals are available to shoppers. Huge stores start to slash prices offer bogof’s and 2 for 1 deals but  The most important is what follows…

Cyber Monday! Again another ridiculous and fanciful name given to a seemingly ordinary day until stat counters and data banks are collected. Since 2005 when the realisation of the Cyber Monday trend was paramount analysts have been compiling data that sees online shopping raise by 23% year on year average on this Day. The apparent reason is that many who were too busy to shop on the Friday go online the following Monday and catch the bargains.

With this being such a large economic boosting day many other countries are tending to steer online marketing and Pay Per Click campaigns to this day and have begun to adopt the day as the best and foremost time in the calendar to start the price cuts. Adding huge discounts and price slashes this is the unofficial start to the Christmas rush.

So what do you need to do? Well if you dont what a slice of the £00000000’s available in this period then nothing just sit back and let others offer their best deals and get hugely gorged on their oversized turkey this year! Or you can get in on the action and you can make sure that your Pay Per Click campaigns are ready for the rush….Here is how.

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