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Just recently we have been featured in Talk Business magazine, talking about the necessity for small businesses to start the process of utilising PPC or having their accounts Tidied up and managed properly so that they can compete in the online market space.

The main reason that we are seeing such a sweep over to PPC in droves is that SEO is dead as we know it. The old mathematics of increased back links and stuffing keywords is now a target for Google to identify your site and bury it in the search results. Recent Penguin and Panda updates have led to agencies changing strategy and focusing efforts on copy and relevancy, resulting in many legacy links being seen as Black Hat and slapped by Google. SEO is no longer a mathematics problem, it’s a human one. Social indicators are becoming key to Ranking and link algorithms are being retired. It’s time for you to see the truth about SEO and adjust accordingly. Adding PPC to your marketing strategy is now a total necessity. with positions favouring big brands organically.

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About Dave Thomas

Pay Per Click - Well its what I'm all about. I started on this journey over 8 years ago and now run my own business in the paid search arena. Helping businesses overcome the continual struggle to understand and succeed in this evolving environment. I believe strongly in sharing what I have learnt along the way to all of Click Vision Media's client base so they can understand what it is that makes the SEM world tick. My company is growing fast - and we are finding that our consultative approach works for all of our customers and they prefer seeing us on a regular basis to talk through things whether this be in offices at lunch or my personal favourite on the golf course! My company work with clients at either end of the spectrum from small SME's through to large blue chip agencies and I am glad to say I and all my staff are friends with each and every one of our clients.....
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