PPC for Finance & Insurance Companies

If your Insurance or Financial company is interested in PPC then you’ve come to the right place. We have experience and a clear track record of providing PPC Services for Insurance companies & major finance houses.  Just complete our enquiry form to get free advice and a quote from an agency that knows about financial marketing.

Are there guarantees for a PPC campaign for finance?

Guarantees with PPC is difficult as much of the results are based on the user. There are a few factors that can be controlled, but much of it is left in the user’s hands:

No PPC company makes guarantees and search engines do not either. PPC will be expensive for Finance & Insurance companies(advertising costs and PPC company/setup/management etc.) but needs to be profitable.  Asking the PPC company about ROI and setting performance targets is wise in order to keep them in check.  Money cannot just be thrown at PPC, it does have to be monitored to ensure it is producing cost-effective results. Click Vision Media have experience in both Financial & Insurance sectors & more recently Mortgage marketing..

The diagram below shows just how competitive the landscape is, why not drop us a line and let us help you succeed where others failed…PPC for Insurance companies can become costly so why not us manage your campaigns cost effectively….