Pay Per Click – Global Market Insights are Here!

Google have release yet more funky new tools this week. WOW we are suddenly seeing a huge influx of innovative additions to their platforms and their help to reach markets worldwide.

Yesterday Click Vision Media saw the release of the ‘Google Global Market Finder’ tool…This tool now allows advertisers to add their key search terms into a platform that then returns information on new possibilities worldwide and potential markets that their business are currently missing out on.

Check out the full explanation and tool links here ……

PPC Services

Pay Per Click Services Overview

The marketplace for paid search is increasing and evolving every day, and social sites are now offering paid search platforms.


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Pay Per Click - Well its what I'm all about. I started on this journey over 8 years ago and now run my own business in the paid search arena. Helping businesses overcome the continual struggle to understand and succeed in this evolving environment. I believe strongly in sharing what I have learnt along the way to all of Click Vision Media's client base so they can understand what it is that makes the SEM world tick. My company is growing fast - and we are finding that our consultative approach works for all of our customers and they prefer seeing us on a regular basis to talk through things whether this be in offices at lunch or my personal favourite on the golf course! My company work with clients at either end of the spectrum from small SME's through to large blue chip agencies and I am glad to say I and all my staff are friends with each and every one of our clients.....
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