Pay Per Click Telephone Tracking – Finally

Is this the answer that all of us PPC’ers have been waiting so long for? I was reading Inside AdWords on the way to a meeting on the train today…and…

It has always been a huge bugbear of mine that it has been tricky to say the least to track calls to a business that occurred due to  the caller viewing a PPC advert. Until now we have had to implement snippets of code into a website that calls a separate telephone number to be displayed on the site. Let me elaborate…A company starts up and has a web site! Now they have decided very prudently to start and run some Pay Per Click Advertising to that site. They receive 50 Clicks a day and this results in 3 conversions. Done!!

So what happens when the site is in a specific market that the searcher really wants to talk to someone or to clarify some of the site info? Well simple they call….

OK so now the question..”how did that caller find your number?” so that you can attribute the lead to the correct marketing source. Until this week if the caller came from a search on the Internet it has been our job as developers, analysts and PPC managers to figure this out! We have established that with small cookie codes dropped into the site pages we can call a separate telephone number to that of the static site one displayed from all other visits. This means that if a person clicks a paid advert when they land on the site a new PPC telephone number is displayed. From here we have to track its usage through analytics and attribute this to the Pay Per Click campaign. This way we can validate the calls and say that a certain percentage came from our hard work.

However this can cost money for the client in sourcing a separate number and development time setting the codes up etc…Until now….

Google this week have announce a beta test in America (again why do they have all the fun) a free PPC telephone number for your AdWords account this explanation from Inside Adwords explains perfectlythe ins and outs and its real ease of use from the systems above..The only issue is this is currently used only for mobile ads / click to call or if a searcher uses the number in the ad (it will not display separate numbers on the site just yet but it is a step closer) will they generate new algorithms eventually to answer all of our prayers in one go and separate numbers according to individual advertising platforms and display individual site numbers for Returning, Organic and most of all PPC traffic?

Do any of you have feedback on this and do you use tracking like this. The guys over at Fresh Egg have been running this tracking for a while now but at cost to clients but by heck its a good service. For some of our clients we have used Switchboard free who offer exactly that a free service to track PPC against any other traffic and offer 2 telephone numbers FREE yes that’s right free…This also comes with good backup and support and some really cool features that others in the switchboard industry charge through the teeth for…

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