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Click Vision Media ltd are on the move.


Just a quick note to let you all know we have now grown out of our Midhurst office and have relocated to an even more rural setting. We have been lucky enough to secure offices on the doorstep of the South Downs National Park in a village called Lodsworth. We finally moved on the 11th & 12th of the month, and have to say everyone at the office agrees that we are in a much better place. We thank all of our clients for bearing with us whilst the transition took place and for those of you who would like to join us please feel free to contact us on the details below

Our new address is:

Suite 5a

Langham Stables



West Sussex

GU28 9BU


Our Numbers remain the same :08432 894063

We are also very pleased to be located near to a Micro Brewery, so please watch out for some tasting days in the future!!

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Adwords Management

Not really a blog, more a brief rant and one which I am sure many of you have come across before. Over the past 8 years in the SEM industry I get asked a lot of questions regarding PPC, Pay Per Click and Paid search and what the fundamental differences are, to which I now believe that most folk know that these are one in the same. However something that has cropped up on many occasions is the statement

“pay per click is Adwords management right?”

Wrong – well in a brief way yes this is correct Adwords is Google’s platform from which advertisers place ads across networks such as Google Search, YouTube & Display sites. However this is simply one platform and Pay Per Click is much more than just Adwords nowadays. It can include other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube & of course Bing & Yahoo.

So this is a kind word to all those from my past Adwords management is PPC management on Google but Pay Per Click Advertising covers many platforms….

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Click Vision Media – In the news

Just recently we have been featured in Talk Business magazine, talking about the necessity for small businesses to start the process of utilising PPC or having their accounts Tidied up and managed properly so that they can compete in the online market space.

The main reason that we are seeing such a sweep over to PPC in droves is that SEO is dead as we know it. The old mathematics of increased back links and stuffing keywords is now a target for Google to identify your site and bury it in the search results. Recent Penguin and Panda updates have led to agencies changing strategy and focusing efforts on copy and relevancy, resulting in many legacy links being seen as Black Hat and slapped by Google. SEO is no longer a mathematics problem, it’s a human one. Social indicators are becoming key to Ranking and link algorithms are being retired. It’s time for you to see the truth about SEO and adjust accordingly. Adding PPC to your marketing strategy is now a total necessity. with positions favouring big brands organically.

To read our latest feature click here




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Pay Per Click for Recruitment Companies

2013 and a new year has begun! Has it started with the gusto & force that was predicted some 12 months ago well the simple answer is no! Many predicted that January would be the tell tale month for many online companies year ahead.

With unemployment numbers stable but in no means drastically improving multi-nationals and SMEs alike are becoming ever more cautious when it comes to recruitment. Using current staff members to fill posts and take on tasks previously filled with more junior members, companies are looking to expand but slowly and utilising new media to seek out the cream of the crop in 2013. With increased numbers of applicants for every role more targeted approaches are being implemented to fill empty positions.

Over the past 4 weeks, Click Vision Media have been working alongside many UK Recruitment Agencies in an effort to compile some useful data to use to their benefit in the months ahead. In a comparison chart to the same period of 2012 we noticed some interesting stats.

Control Group Recruitment Comparison

With the data above relating to a set of niche terms in the recruitment industry we can see slight differences in trends in 2013 which has been very similar across many other vertical markets. The data above shows us that 2013 saw a much slower start to the year with not only clicks/visitors down but also search traffic as a whole was also considerably lower than the same period of 2012.

However the control group above shows a much more steady line of traffic once the numbers had aligned around the second week of January. Meaning that with numbers in total throughout the month finishing very similarly we have noted users are not in such a panic this year to get that new role sorted ASAP and as early as possible.

Why? well when presented with the stats our clients have told us that quality of traffic is unaffected but noted applicants are making extra effort to update CV’s or tailor them to specific applications, highlight transferable skills and are in general becoming much more focused.

With this in mind a questionnaire was presented to candidates and the most notable comment was that “I will probably be in the pile with 100 other applicants so i want my CV to stand out” or something similar. Applicants have had to become more savvy when applying and many are seeking out company history to very granular levels to show they are keen. They have also been making conscious efforts to engage in other ways using social media and networking sites. Following companies on LinkedIn, Following them on Twitter or even liking their FaceBook page.

With this in mind companies too have had to fully engage their social & network pages to help seek out candidates. LinkedIn recruitment advertising has taken off over the last few months and companies are seeing much more qualified CV’s landing on their desks. Click Vision Media have seen some fantastic results through Facebook PPC for recruitment companies and now insist that these 2 arenas be part of the mix for our clients seeking out quality candidates.

Should Recruitment agencies panic about the new trends? The simple answer is no! Candidates are still very much searching they are just taking their time about it.

February has not slowed in the trend so far and search patterns through the first few days of Feb are much higher than that of 2012 but still constant and without the previous surges at the beginning of the month.

Contact us for further details on the report….

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PPC Blog

Here are some really cool pictures for you to take a look at…





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Adwords Spam – Phishing for minnows

I came into the office this morning to be faced with an email from a very worried client. It seemed from the email that they had received overnight that their Google Adwords account had been playing up and been hacked …even worse still been paused!!


We stopped running your Google ads this morning (Monday, September 26, 2011).

Dear AdWords Advertiser,

We had encountered a number of issues when reviewing your ads this morning and we stopped running them. We will review them again and make the necessary changes that will allow to run your ads without any problems.

Click here to review your ads and let us know if we made a mistake.

We’ll often stop running your ads until we are able to make the necessary updates. As soon as we made and saved the changes, your ads are automatically resubmitted to us for review.

Please note: If you do not verify the status of your Adwords account and notify us if your ads do not appear online we can not help you and your ads will stay offline for the next few days.

2011 Google is a trademark of Google Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043


This type of thing has been around for ages now scammers out there asking you to sign in and gather your details then use your account!!

Advice either pass this over to your PPC Management Agency or contact Google direct on one of their numbers shown here and ask if it was them who sent it…..

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The Best Pay Per Click Keywords-Tips on how to select them

How to Select PPC Campaign Keywords

So you have joined the adwords massive! You have you business goals and benchmarks set up and agreed. You know what you are advertising and what the target audience is what’s next…..Keyword selection

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Top 10 PPC Tips to a Successful Campaign

 A PPC Campaign is a great method for any small business owners to attract valuable traffic to their website and improve their ROI. How successful this campaign is depends on the steps taken when creating your campaign and methods used to track the accounts successfulness.

Pay Per Click Tips

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Adwords Help!


Finally Google announce Telephone support for general advertisers. Up until April Google kept support under wraps and gave only the elite agencies power to call up their reps. Now you can call them too. I just wonder how many will be asking for advice on how to lower CPC’s and increase sales rather than for generic support anyway here are the numbers

European-based AdWords customers will now be able to speak to a local-language AdWords specialist on one of the following numbers.

  • UK – 0845 600 0278
  • Ireland – 1890 907 106
  • Austria – 0810 1025 1509
  • Poland – (00)8004411830 (toll free)
  • Germany – 0180 111 1134
  • Spain – 901 010 016
  • Italy – 840 320 106
  • France – 0811 650 221
  • Switzerland – 0848 560 155
  • Netherlands – 0900 0400 898
  • Belgium – 0703 59 959

The numbers are for current AdWords advertisers only, and word of advice make sure you have your customer ID ready.

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Tablets that will help you grow!!

No No No……..

The way your mind works really!! We are not talking those tablets we are talking about the release of new tablet focused targeting options within Google AdWords ever expanding platform. The new option is now available to all AdWords users and allows you to target ads specifically toward the ever growing tablet market. Users of the tablet phenomenon are expected to grow by 300% in the next 2 years and it is estimated that 165 million tablets will be dispatched! That is one huge audience ready and waiting to tap into.

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