Adwords Sitelinks Get Funky

After the release of the Adwords sitelinks 2 years back it seems to have taken off a storm, hitting those ever promised hikes in CTR% and increasing the click-ability of advertisers copy. Many Adwords users have taken the sitelinks by the horns and now utilise this feature as part of their everyday PPC Strategy.

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Google Adwords Editor – 9.0

Google saw the release of the all new all singing all dancing Editor 9.0 this week. Here at click Vision Media we have already been testing out its features and new updates. Some of those include updates to the mobile usability and one of the real keys for us is the ability to scalably manage Ad Site-links. After its release site-links have really boosted CTR% across all accounts that we have implemented the feature on, and now to have the ability to edit and manage through the editor is even better.

Take a look at the official Google release article here

Plus you don’t have to do anything to get you r hands on it…next time you login to your editor it will simply prompt you to do so, go on have a play its worth it!

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Adwords Ad Text – Optimisation

Another recent change in the way that Google displays your ads means that you now have to be more diligent than ever when creating those ever evolving converting text ads in your PPC campaigns. To date we have seen the addition of site links which is an incredible feature addition that enables the campaign creator the ability to include up to 4 addition links on the ad text that can direct traffic into even more specific landing pages from the initial click.

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Adwords Vouchers Free

Time for this weeks freebie..

£50 value until 4th April 2011 then this drops to £30 until 31st May 2011.

You can redeem this on any new account & again it is first come first serve…..


Happy Friday

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Adwords – Down


Adwords down this morning. It is funny though give them their dues this sort of thing does not happen very often. In fact since the time i started in this game i can count the times that this has happened on both hands so fair play too them.

It is however frustrating not being able to check in on our incredible results on our clients this morning……………………

Back to another round of coffees………….

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Free Adwords Voucher

That time is here again people

Free Adwords Voucher Code: 33VU-KFRE-QXNB-766M-UWS

This for the value of £50 and is only redeemable on new accounts, and only until the 29 March 2011 . After which the value will drop to £30

First come first serve…

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Adwords Voucher – Code

Here it is guys as promised…………………………………..


This voucher is for £30 and is only valid against new accounts……………..

Needs to be used by 31/05/2011


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PPC Company – Top 10 Tips

Top 10 PPC Tips to a Successful Campaign

A PPC Campaign is a great method that small business owners should use to attract valuable traffic to their websites and improve their reach and exposure to potential clientele, in the form of buyers, service users or even down-loaders. How successful this campaign and its potential reach depends on the steps taken and tips that are used to create the awareness. It has become increasingly apparent that within a PPC Agency these tips and tricks can become our secret ingredients and many ppc agencies will not disclose these for general consumption.

However here at Click Vision Media we prefer clients who have that essential “have a go” attitude to this type of marketing and want to help then move a step closer to understanding the real day to day tasks of any PPC Company. The tips below take into account that you guys have already set up a campaign successfully.

#1 – Choose the perfect keywords. If you fail at this task, your whole campaign is likely to be a failure. Try to target keywords that have two or three words. The more your keywords pertain to your business, the more successful the campaign will be. Do your research from the very beginning use keyword tools to help with this such as spyfu, keyword spy or the Google Keyword tool. Once your list is defined make sure that you understand match types and test which ones work best for your business and account strategy.

#2 – Keywords should be used in your advertisements. If someone types that keyword in a search engine, and sees that same keyword bold in an ad, they will likely click it. This type of activity and bold keywords in ad copy has seen increases in Click Through Rates at great levels. Trial sitelinks too where possible, granted this can be a more expensive test as this feature is used for those ads in the top spots but CTR % increases can be incredible.

#3 – Advertisement text should be perfect. You are given very little space to write your advertisement, make each and every single word count. Create hooks, stand out from the crowd, Use key selling points where possible but don’t over egg it! Be clear and honest about the product or services that you provide. – Never offer prices of £xxx when in reality when the searcher clicks through to a much higher price of £yyyy.

#4 – Have a good budget. You’re not going to get much results if you only invest £10.00 per day in ad clicks. The more you invest, the more results that you’ll see. If you have done your research with the keywords etc in the first place you should have a good idea of what searches are available and an average cost per click. Marry this up to your business goals and ROI to determine a good budget. Don’t forget this can always be adjusted.

#5 – Specific advertisement text. Try not to group all the keywords together and write one advertisement for all of them to get out of doing work. One advertisement for a group of very generic keywords tend to be less targeted and therefore get less results. Create themed groups of keywords and have a set of relevant ads associated with these groups.

#6 – Make informed decisions. You’ll likely be investing tons of money for your daily budget. Gather data so that you have a good idea of what to expect or you might be disappointed and out of a few hundred pounds for naught. Make sure that you have all of your ROI mapped out and business goals so that you can then come easily to these decisions. Also take into account seasonality of your business, geographic locations anything that will attract the wrong traffic needs to be weeded out before you start the process. Determine what your goals are. Define what you want and how you will get it. This will limit the chances of you overspending just because you were not sure whether your goals were met or not.

#7 – Test, Test, Test wherever possible. You may think that your business revolves around “expensive red trainers” (as an example) but if the searchers want “cheap blue trainers” you may sell 1 against 10 respectively and need to re-apportion budgets. Test which ad text drives the sales or leads. Test which platforms work best for your business, Facebook, Google, YouTube who knows where your best clients lie in wait? Do not be naive and make assumptions as to what YOU think they want, in reality the 2 are sometimes vastly different.

#8 – Take your business to the major PPC programs. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask tend to have more developed PPC programs that will yield you more results due to being widely used search engines. Take advantage of their different approaches too. Test mobile & tablet campaigns, test video.

#9 – Have a nice landing page. Music, blinking images, videos, and bright colors tend to make visitors leave in the first few seconds. It’s a waste of money if all your visitors leave in five seconds flat. Make sure you direct the searcher into the most relevant page, make it hard for them to leave without converting or leaving details in some way.

#10 – Collect and analyze data for trends once your campaigns go live. It may be that it takes a few weeks before you begin to understand trends that do and don’t work, but once understood and refined this data is invaluable. More often than not this data can also be turned toward your organic strategy too. This data should tell you exactly what works, what doesn’t, and you can probably infer why it works or not, it will lead you to pause campaign add new ones but ultimately this will help you have more successful campaigns in the future.

The tips above really only apply to search campaigns but it is key to decide which routes to market work best for your business, is it display ads, video ads or are you targeting mobile users. Having a successful campaign relies on many factors, which may seem like a lot of hard work to perfect each and every one of them. The time that you take to ensure that you have a great campaign will make the hundreds of pounds that you spent worth it.

At Click Vision Media we actively encourage all of our clients to undertake a have-a-go attitude to their paid search campaigns so that they have at least a foot in the starting blocks when they come to us in need of help. Many of our clients have come to us in need of a little PPC training before migrating over to full Pay Per Click Management for their business, whichever bracket you fall into please don’t hesitate to drop us a line to see how we can help you & your business.

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Google Instant Search

How will the new Google Search Affect PPC

If you performed a search query on Google fairly recently you no doubt have noticed the most recent technology belonging to Google – Google Instant. Working with the ranks of instant messaging, instant oatmeal, instant pudding, instant potatoes, and on and on, Google instant was launched in the development stages in Sept. 2010. The application is very intuitive which what the searcher has already typed in the search box and attempts to stay one step ahead of the surfer and delivers search results instantly without the user needing to hit enter or the search button.. Google Instant claims this can cut down a person’s time doing one search by 2-6 seconds per query. This technology has the potential to drive targeted traffic to websites via through the use of PPC marketing.

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Click Vision Media – New WordPress Site

Apologies for the delay in blogs so far this year. My team and I have been working on the site and trying to figure ways that we can improve to keep everything fresh and up to date. There are many new things happening on the site some you can see and some you cant but stay tuned and the posts will be back shortly. We are always open to suggestions and feedback so please feel free to leave comments on things that you may want to see in the future or any answers to niggling questions you may want……


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