Facebook Advertising

Facebook are relatively new to paid search. Although basic, their PPC platform can yield some very good results.

Targeting is based on individual profile criteria.


Facebook Ad ExamplesSo You’ve all seen them right? just like those over there!! Facebook ads are very similar to the display networks available on such platforms as Google. The main difference here is the selection criteria to hit your target audience.

As there is no search terms involved through Facebook placement selection is made via the individuals personal profile from when they set up their account.

We can select such demographics as



Marital Status



Facebook ads are rapidly becoming an integral part of many companies marketing mix and not something to be simply ignored. The social giant is not going anywhere in the near future and with 75% of businesses creating a page & presence advertising should follow. With huge potential reach and new audiences whay not take a slice of the action.

Click Vision Media can create Facebook pages for business or tailored creatives & PPC based advertising campaigns to suit any business. Why not get in contact today and get Liked!