MSN/Bing & Yahoo


Starting out as MSN Advertising and seperately Yahoo Advertising these 2 networks have struggled over the years to gain the same pace in search as Google . That said they have always offered advertisers a similar easy to use platform to post ads to their respective search engines. Over the years we have seen many clients take time to listen and take on board our thoughts preferences when it comes to these 2 players and spread their marketing wings and advertise with them. Whilst Google will soak up the lions share of searchers worldwide it is easy to ignore these 2 platforms as also rans. However we strongly believe that managed correctly advertisers can really reap the rewards and gain an extra stream of new audiences.

As an agency we have been using both the MSN PPC Platform & The Yahoo Search Marketing platform since inception over 8 years ago. Since then we have learnt the most progressive routes to market and now as the 2 combine they add even more power to your advertising & Click Vision Media’s team of specialists all come armed with the right tools to reach new searchers for your business that convert!

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