PPC Campaign Management

  • Are you currently running an Adwords campaign?
  • Are you using a PPC Managment Agency to run campaigns for you?
  • Can you see the benefits of Pay Per Click but dont understand it all?
  • Do you want to drive cost effective traffic to your website that takes little time but is very targeted?

Well if you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of the questions above you are in the right place. If you are running a campaign yourself you will understand how time consuming this is. If you are using an agency that you talk with once a month you understand how frustrating it can be not knowing what is going on! If you are spending a fortune on offline advertising with little or no effect then we can help.

Pay Per Click campaigns managed poorly can cost your business a fortune in lost spends but set up and optimised carefully and correctly can yield high returns for any business. PPC Campaign Management can ease pressure off already bursting marketing efforts. Here at Click Vision Media we mix expertise, inside knowledge & industry specific data to match your campaigns to the right platforms to succeed.

Pay Per Click Platforms

Google AdWords is currently the market leader in Paid For Search and responsible for marketing spends of just under £1 billion between January and June. Click Vision Media’s PPC history started here and with its huge reach our main focus back when we first started, however with the increase in paid search platforms such as Bing, Yahoo LinkedIn & Facebook these other networks began to offer more cost effective placements and returns. For this reason we have trained hard in every available platform on the market so that we can offer our clients a full suite of advertising outlets on the Internet, increasing visibility and showcasing their companies across all of them.

Here are just a few of those networks available to you……

If you are serious about saturating the marketplace then visibility on all of these networks is essential.

Our PPC Management Services

It’s a common misconception that PPC Management can be packaged up into different levels of work for different sizes of business, offering you a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer a fully tailored approach.

We understand that large companies often bid smaller ones out of the ball park. This is where our skill and experience lends itself perfectly to both parties and understands their needs and different approaches. Whilst we can turn our hand to literally any business our processes generally remain the same and our approach will take all areas below and return the best strategy for you and your business. PPC for small businesses does not have to be a costly route to market and can be the only way in the current economic climate to compete against other businesses in your market. Similarly large companies should not just throw money at Pay Per Click and hope for the best, Click Vision Media marketing strategies will compliment other forms of marketing and increase your brand awareness and ultimately profit!

We provide a full range of PPC Management services including:


We listen to YOU. We talk and advise on every aspect from set up to landing pages and analytics in order to build an understanding of every available part of your business that is required to hit your benchmark goals – and then better them!

Competitor Research & Analysis

Time is spent researching your competitors making sure that you are competitive, up to date and above all ready to go to market with your products or services. If not we will assist at every step to make sure that these points are reached.

Keyword Research

Time is spent in making sure that we are targeting the correct audience with the correct and most cost effective keywords available. We will also research and implement exhaustive negative terms in order to further control the effectiveness of your campaign.

We also spend time planning the structure of the accounts in hand and decide on match type strategy that suits best.

Ad Copy Creation

Professional, compelling and informative ad creation is a key point in delivering targeted visitors to your site whilst screening unwanted chaff too. Our team have years of experience and with input at every stage can create the highest quality ads that encourage clicks.

Budget Optimisation

Our fixed fee model of PPC Management means that once we have set budgets we wont hassle you to raise the stakes so that we command higher fees! We offer advice gathered from experience and data found in past accounts on budgets and also offer the best solutions and processes to make that budget work for you. Our primary ethos on any account is to hit exactly the same results at much decreased costs to you proving where the waste has set in. From here we optimize and control budgets to increase on conversions.

Tracking & Analytics

A fundamental part to any paid search campaign that so many businesses overlook. At Click Vision Media we make sure that all available tracking is in place from the outset of any account new or old from analytics and conversion codes to even more strategic telephone and basket value tracking. We then use all of the returned data to enhance your PPC Campaign

Location & Geographic Targeting

We will also offer suggestions as to the target market we should really be reaching out too and which strategy to use to list in front of those clients. We can set up and fully integrate your Google Places Listing for you and also suggest strategies for more localised searches through PPC Campaigns so if you are after Pay Per Click in Hampshire, Pay Per Click in Surrey, Pay Per Click in Sussex or any other regional area we can deliver and save you budget previously wasted on national PPC Campaigns where your target market do not come from!

Tactical Solutions

We are experts in more than just Pay Per Click Management. We offer newer more effective marketing options (for some) to all of our clients. These include areas such as…

  • Search Advertising
  • Display/Banner Advertising
  • Mobile & Tablet Advertising
  • Video Advertising

As a progressive PPC Account management agency we also offer advice, implementation and consultation on Shopping Feeds, Merchant Accounts, Business Listings, Landing Pages and any other areas that we believe will enhance the returns and viability of your Pay Per Click Account.

Managed properly, a PPC campaign can offer incredible returns and necessary brand-building opportunities. However, no PPC campaign is ever the same and each one requires a new tailored, individual management approach to hit business targets.

We do not set and forget any of our campaigns: As you will see from our diarised work processes which are reported back each month, we analyse, optimize and justify each and every process utilized on every campaign.